Our Discovery service and toolkits provide pre-defined and tailored assessments to allow public and private sector organisations to efficiently understand not just what is happening, but also why it is happening and how to respond.

Identify biometric


●    A tailored solution
●    Innovative
●    Manual or smart assessments use
●    Prepare discovery & respond
●    Collaborative working
●    Identify key risks

Refine & Build


●    Secure assessment tools
●    Build your audience
●    Time motion studies
●    Develop question sets you don’t already have
●    Cost-effective with minimal impact

Repeat & Review


●    Tailored scaling
●    Service desk response
●    Rapid deployment
●    Agile identification
●    Minimise the burden on resources
●    Quality datasets



●    Air-gapped data
●    Present in the most effective way
●    Cost-effective capabilities
●    Track resource times
●    Topic dependant maturity models
●    Bespoke visualisations
●    Impact for business cases



●    Pinpoint data presented by the people
●    Data that identifies adversity with primary outcomes
●    The ability to scale up or down
●    Achieve more in less time
●    Your solution delivered quickly with better data sources


●    Create a baseline to monitor change through time
●    Reflective review change over 6 months or yearly
●    Evidence-based decisions
●    Improve neighbourhood responses
●    Identify baselines
●    Understand how your solutions work

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