Please be sure to carefully fill out all personal information fields in the order form.

It is especially important to enter the correct e-mail address because all important information regarding your order, your receipt, and generally the product you ordered itself, will be sent to this e-mail address. We recommend carefully entering the address twice to avoid any errors and to avoid delays in processing your order.

Lastly, please select your payment type, and confirm all entries by clicking on “Continue”. On the next page, you can review your order.

Click on “Add to Basket” to submit your order. You will then see a final order confirmation page.

You can print out your own invoice. Click on “My Account” for Access. A copy of this receipt will automatically be e-mailed to you together with your order confirmation.

When you placed your first order via Blue Lights Digital, a customer account was automatically created for you. For this customer account, your login information consists of a user ID and your password.

Generally, you select your own password when you decide to create a customer account. You can reset your password at any time by clicking on “Lost your Password?” in the Account details option.

When you return to Blue Lights Digital menu to place an order, you will generally be asked for your login information at the beginning of the order process. Once you enter your user ID and password, our system will recognise you, and you will be able to view and/or correct your personal data directly, which will speed up your order process.

No. We assure you that your personal data will not be passed on to third parties, sold, or rented. Your payment information will be treated as strictly confidential and not forwarded to third parties uninvolved in payment processing.

Typically, you will receive a licence key, or a download link for the product you ordered.

Using one or more of the following products can interfere with the download of your purchased product. It may be necessary to deactivate the relevant product for the duration of the download.  

Firewall products  
A firewall monitors the data traffic passing through the firewall to protect the network behind it from unauthorised access. This means that a firewall can also prevent downloads from unauthorised Web sites.  

Antivirus products  
This software searches for, blocks, and removes computer viruses, worms and other unknown and possibly malicious programmes. An antivirus product can therefore also block a download.  

Download monitoring products  
This is special software that monitors downloads of any kind. These products can also interfere with or stop a download.  

Screen savers  
In some cases, screen savers can interfere with downloads. We recommend that you switch off your screen saver while downloading your product.

After payment is received, you will see a link on the order completion page that will take you to the product download. You will also find this download link in the delivery e-mail that you receive from us after payment is received.  

You will typically perform the following steps:  

  1. If you click on this download link or copy the download link to your browser’s address line and press Enter, a window will open in your browser asking you where you would like to save the file.
  2. Save the file on your system at a location where you will be able to find it and give it a name you will be able to remember. We recommend that you save the file to your ‘Desktop’ so that you can easily find and open the product after downloading it. 
  3. As soon as the download begins, a status bar will appear in a popup window that graphically shows you the progress of your download from 0 to 100 percent.
  4. After completely downloading your product, go to the location where you saved your file. Double-click on the icon or on the zipped or executable file to start installing the product.

When the download starts, a window will generally open so that you can set the path and location where you want to save the file via “Save” or a similar context menu. Select a file location and/or a file name you will be able to remember easily. If you have forgotten the file location, but you remember the file name, you can search for the file on your system. We recommend that you do not change the file names to avoid any problems during installation.

You will immediately receive confirmation of the transaction after entering your order online. You will also receive confirmation by e-mail. The confirmation contains all of your order information, including your invoice or receipt.

If you selected the credit card (VISA or Mastercard) option during the order process, your product will be delivered immediately or within 48 hours in the case of delivery via e-mail.

If you selected a different payment type, you will receive detailed information with your order confirmation on how to make your payment. You will receive your product after payment has been received.

If you fail to receive a confirmation after submitting your order, please contact our customer service team.

Our toolkits can assist you in taking the heavy lifting aspect out of your scenarios. They accelerate the entire process and prove cost efficient and effective in financial terms and save many manning hours.

No. You are the only person who can see your detailed report(s) which are user and password protected.

No, you can leave a question and return to it, or change your answer, using then return to it. However, you can also save and exit the questions at any point and return for another session. If you choose to take the assessment again, then you can do so. It is encouraged to download and save a version at the time you complete a question set.

Any assessment that aims to be relevant across a wide range of roles and organisations will include items that are unfamiliar to some users. This is partly the point of a discovery tool – to raise awareness of opportunities beyond the user’s current knowledge and practice. As long as it is understood that the questions and the analysis are there to give feedback. We hope you will feel comfortable identifying that some questions are not in your current skill set.

The discovery toolkits are not a assessment that you can get right or wrong. It aims to offer a reflective experience to help you think about the different aspects of a capability and to offer ideas and next steps to help you improve in any areas that you want to.

Yes. You can repeat the assessment but if you want to preserve your original findings it is important to download it as a PDF first. It can be very useful to repeat the assessment at intervals to see if your capabilities have changed over time, particularly if you have been working to improve a particular area.

The toolkits are designed for easy access. The Digital discovery tool should run on most devices with a browser and internet connection. You should not need to download any software or browser you don’t already have. For the best experience, we recommend completing the questions and viewing the report and resources on a full-sized screen on either a desktop, laptop or tablet at 1024×768 resolution using the latest version of Chrome or Safari. Google Chrome tends to work best.

Yes, and your data will not be shared by Blue Lights Digital Ltd.

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